After Lebbeus: A Model For Drawing
Salvaged material, duct tape, latex paint, DVD player, iPod Touch, animated video shown as a loop
52" x 50" x 75"

This piece was created for the Drawing Center's Open Sessions program and was presented as part of a group exhibition in the Lab Space at the Drawing Center in November 2014, the piece was then recreated on a larger scale for the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum in August 2015 as a part of the exhibition "Narrative Axis". Built in response to visionary architect Lebbeus Woods' posthumous 2013 exhibition at the Drawing Center, I inverted his practice of 'architecture as drawing' by initiating the building process without preliminary drawing or planning.

I further upended Woods' process by using the structure as a model for observational drawing. By highlighting observation's function as documenting the actual, my aim is to underscore Woods' exploration of ethics, human psychology, and the built form.
2014 - 2015 After Lebbeus: A Model For Drawing
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