Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
Empathy and Craft in the 21st Century
July-August, 2017

Participating artists: Ali Yas, Ahmed Salameh, Bayan Kiwan, Diala Al Daghlise, Diran Malatjalian, Ethan Murrow, Hannah Jabare, Khaldoun Hijazin, Lina Salah, Mayada Abu-Qdais, Patte Loper, Sama Shahrouri, Tasneem Jaabo, Wujoud

Exhibition was based on workshops led by myself, Diran Malatjalian, Khaldoun Hijazin and Ethan Murrow. Preparations for the exhibition began with a workshop led by myself and Khaldoun Hijazin examining intersectionality as a tool to resist entrenched hierarchies. This felt particularly potent at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, a city and country at the crossroads of the Middle East, witnessing and ameliorating the interlocked and continuing refugee crises of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Further workshops included video and electronic media strategies led by Diran Malatjanian, and portraiture in response to contemporary ideas of empathy and craft led by Khaldoun Hijazin and Ethan Murrow.
This workshop happened because of the generosity of the Daynard Travel Grant from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, and the support of the National Gallery of Fine Arts and their Director, Dr. Khalid Khreis.