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Good News From Outer Space
Stop motion animation
1 min, 15 second

Based on the filmic tropes of science fiction and research into the historic aesthetic self-contextualization of feminist, anti-racist, and LGBTQ+ communities, this work loosely depicts a 'spaceship' coming to Earth and transmitting messages of hope.

Paint Collection Platforms/Millay Colony Project
found material: cardboard, sticks, paint, drafting table

In Austerlitz, NY, the location of the Millay Colony and Edna St Vincent Millay's Steepletop Estate, the forested environment was mountainous and felt remote, however the existence of human responses to the topography were almost always evident, usually in relationship to the mountain streams running through the region. Responding in my studio, paint collection platforms were designed to capture paint directed down a series of conduits. This video, graciously shot by my fellow residents at the Colony, tracks the paint is it courses through the handmade structure.

Hand drawn animation

This is a short animation based on Zizek's lecture, "The Reality of the Virtual". The audio of Zizek speaking has been replaced by Thrush song.

All Who Love
Hand drawn animation

This animation is based on a 1945 Jean Painleve' fim called Le' Vampire. The animal pictured is a tiny bat that has been placed in a glass terrarium.

Good Bye 20th Century

This deer was filmed walking in complete darkness by documentary filmmakers using infrared film.

Patte Loper Video
Video installation shot, Massimo Carasi-The Flat

Patte Loper Video
Video installation shot, Massimo Carasi-The Flat

A Process that Goes Beyond the Rational
Hand drawn animation

This animation is based on a Youtube video of two young male deer captured fighting in a suburban backyard.

Love Song
Hand drawn animation

This work is based on documentary footage of tiny underwater organisms who survive in Antarctic tidal pools at the height of the Antarctic summer.

Patte Loper Video  latex on wall, animated video
latex on wall, animated video
12' x 15'

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This video installation was on view at the Tacoma Art Museum in 2004.

Things coming Out of My Radiator
animated video

This work was based on images and audio from documentation of Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin taken during the first moon walk in 1969.

Tween/Bird Machine/Things Coming Out of My Radiator
animated video
2.14 minutes

Click on title to view video. Three videos in one: there is a few seconds between each one, so please be patient.

The first video is an early
version of Tween, installed at The Little Theater, an experimental film venue in Seattle. The wall painting
existed in the same space as a monitor displaying this video.

The second video is called Bird Machine.

The third video is an early version of Things Coming Out of My Radiator.