A New Way North
Lyons Wier-Ortt Contemporary
October 2007

Let Our Beauty Ease Your Grief
Platform Gallery, Seattle, WA
June, 2006

This work investigates what it means to take a fleeting cultural moment, such as a film still or a photo from a magazine article and slow it down, analyze it, render it carefully, and to ultimately own it. Large-scale oil-on-paper paintings are carefully executed with imagined and richer detail than the source material, which include stills from the films North by Northwest and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 

Also included are small graphite drawings based on photographs of work-in-progress by sculptors Robert Morris and Alan Saret. The resulting drawings become a document of the bricolage of irrational messiness and randomness-as-strategy. The stark images of these artists' sculptures in the state of construction share the drawing space with carefully rendered newborn baby fawns which soften the harshness of minimalism-in-the-making and brings the older artists' work back to nature.