The Brooklyn Queens Expressway Reimagination Project, installed at the Chldren's Museum of Manhattan, August 15 - December 30, 2019 as part of Art Artists, and You
This project reimagines the BQE, a major expressway that runs between Queens and Brooklyn in NYC as a garden. A native plant viewing station displays the beneficial and species-supporting native plants that will replace vehicles. Paintings show the upper deck of the expressway as the garden with foot and bike paths, and the lower deck as affordable housing.

Displayed in a form that can be read alternately as an altar, or natural history display, this Native Plant Viewing Station was installed in a studio as a part of the Children's Museum of Manhattan exhibition Art, Artists, and You in which children can interact with the work.
Native plant species of Swamp Milkweed and Plantain Leaf were germinated from seed. Grow lights were provided for photosynthesis, handmade reflectors extended the throw of the light, resulting in lower use of electricity.
Despite being inside and far from windows and doors, the exhibition attracted native species - shown here is a native moth caterpillar living in the exhibit.
Paintings help visualize the future BQE.